Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Game Board Samplers For Sale

Hello I have made these little Mini Game Board Samplers for years and thought if anyone is interested in a set and would like to purchase one you can do so here.
They are made on Solid Pine small squares measuring approx 6" x 6" each square. There are 6 in each set. You get 1 Backgammon 1 Checkers 1 Chess 2 Parcheesis and 1 Chinese Checkers. The little game boards are actually fabric and I grubby them in a coffee/ vanilla mixture to make them look very old and believe me they do look perfectly prim. They come with sawtooth hangers.
I offer these in 3 Background colors Deep Burgundy, Black and Mustard. 1 set is $19.99 plus shipping in the USPS Flat Rate Priority Box $10.70 I can fit up to 2 sets in this box.
For those who think this shipping is too high ...think about if you lined these game boards up it would make a 6 x 36 long sign and shipping for a sign can cost well over $15.00 depending on where it went probably more.
Feel free to email me at


  1. Oh BeCca!! I love them so much!! I thought you painted them, I can't believe that is fabric! Such a neat idea!! I wish I could buy them but I can't right now.

  2. I love these but I have to wait till next month to get them. Hope they will still be available I would like to get the black and hopefully the burgundy. You have such great stencils and your work is great. Debbie