Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drew in Denver Colorado

This past July my sons went on a Youth Trip at Estes Park in Denver. They had a blast. It was Drews first time flying on an airplane and of course he loved it. It was really nice for the 2 to be together in over a year. We live in Washington State and Darren had moved back to Georgia so we are about 3000 miles apart. My Drewdy is the good lookin one on the end!

Dark Wing Duck

Darren loved Dark Wing Duck ( it was a cartoon ~ a crime fighting Duck ) so much when he was little I started calling him that and still do. He probably didnt want everybody to know that....hehehehee!

Darren Smiles

This is my oldest son Darren and his friend Brandon at a Youth Trip at Estes Park in Denver CO. Darren is wearing his cap backwards. Its nice to see him smile because he always takes everything so serious.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Firkin Bucket For Cindy

Another Firkin Find for Cindy! Her collection is growing! After she gets a few more we will need to see some pictures of how she displays them. Cindy gets so excited about finding these buckets she cant think about anything else, she cant even hold a conversation unless its about a Firkin! LOLOL!
Way to go Cindy...lets show the world your Firkins as you find them! Youll be so POPULAR!!!

My Sweet Madison

I have to put this Beautiful Little Girls picture up. Not only is she pretty, she sure is a Sweetie Pie!
If I had known she was gonna be this much fun I would have had her first!