Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some New Designs and a Memorial Day Giveaway

Hello Everyone I am so looking forward to Summer I have so many projects that I started last year that I need to finish and am waiting for warmer days so I can sand and stain stuff. Life here at the harbor is always busy from very early in the morning til late at night I just want to throw out a little reminder that I am on the West Coast and even though we live in the same great country we have 4 time zones and mine is Pacific Time, please try and remember this when calling me at zero clock in the morning. I have a few new designs listed for Halloween & Christmas and a Special Drawing for Memorial Day held on Memorial Day. Please visit my facebook business page and leave a comment under the post to be included in the giveaway.
Stencils are all .007 mil clear mylar reusable and can be found at