Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello! I really love to design and sometimes its a race getting everything out of my head in time LOLOL...I can imagine how crazy that must sound but its true! I am already geared up for Fall/Halloween/Winter and Christmas its hard to know when to start but I say the sooner the better especially if you wholesale your signs to shops they need to order early and have stuff ready to put out in September which if you think about is only a little more than 2 months away and if you are doing craft shows you really need to stock up and be ready! Hope yall like the new stuff =)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Love Snowmen

I guess living in the Pacific Northwest really helps me design Snowmen year round...our high today was 56 degrees! And it's JUNE 16th! I Love It! So nice here and I am Thankful every day for being able to move here from Georgia 6 years ago! YEAH!

So heres a cutie one hope yall like it! Its 6" x 24" 5 mil clear mylar reusable stencil. you can find this at Folk Art From The Harbor for $5.99....remember you can pay more but your wont get more!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Halloween Design

I have to sneak this's so cute and so TRUE....just makes me smile when I read it. Find this and 1000's of other designs at The Harbor


Hello Everyone. I hope yall like my new designs they all be found at The Harbor they run $5.99 each.


My middle son Drew just graduated high school June 13th, 2010 ~ during his 4 years at Gig Harbor High he spent his jr and senior years attending Culinary Arts School. He is really a good cook I am very proud of him! Back in May they had an Iron Chef competition and his team won!!! They each received an Emerill Lagasse Deep Iron Skillet!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Bit Of Simple Americana Designs

Thought I'd use this Historic looking font in a few new Americana Designs. Alot of really nice fonts seem to lean way too far to the right for I am always tweeking them until it pleases the eye. These can be found at The Harbor at incredibly low prices along with 1000's of others.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Game Board Samplers For Sale

Hello I have made these little Mini Game Board Samplers for years and thought if anyone is interested in a set and would like to purchase one you can do so here.
They are made on Solid Pine small squares measuring approx 6" x 6" each square. There are 6 in each set. You get 1 Backgammon 1 Checkers 1 Chess 2 Parcheesis and 1 Chinese Checkers. The little game boards are actually fabric and I grubby them in a coffee/ vanilla mixture to make them look very old and believe me they do look perfectly prim. They come with sawtooth hangers.
I offer these in 3 Background colors Deep Burgundy, Black and Mustard. 1 set is $19.99 plus shipping in the USPS Flat Rate Priority Box $10.70 I can fit up to 2 sets in this box.
For those who think this shipping is too high ...think about if you lined these game boards up it would make a 6 x 36 long sign and shipping for a sign can cost well over $15.00 depending on where it went probably more.
Feel free to email me at

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


When I think of SUMMER all I can think about is WATERMELON YUM! I designed this with watermelon in mind...can't you tell?? I hope yall like it! It is a nice size 10" x 24" ~ 5 mil clear mylar reusable stencil.

To be included in the drawing please leave a comment and if you have a blog please post this Drawing I will very much appreciate it!

Drawing will be held on July 1, 2010 and Lucky winner has 3 days to claim prize after they have been notified!

All of my stencils are designed by me and can be found at Folk Art From The Harbor at very hard to beat prices! Hugs BeCca

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Congrats to Angie Berry from Berry Homespun Primitives You Are A WINNER at Folk Art From The Harbor

C'mon by and claim your prize and email me your shipping details at

Thank you EVERYONE for their participation I promise to continue to design GREAT UNIQUE STENCILS and have Free Drawings EVERY Month!

Want more chances to win Free Stencils??? Visit A Primitive Journey Message Board They are having a Contest the whole month of June who posts the most will win some AWESOME Prizes I designed 2 EXCLUSIVE Stencils for APJ ...Brand New Designs that wont be sold until after the contest is over.

Visit Brendas Country Primitive Marketplace she will be listing one of my new designs for her drawing alls ya gotta do is sign up.

More Free Stencils????? Well are you a Like/Fan of Folk Art From The Harbor on Facebook? Thats all you gotta do to be included in my monthly Facebook Like on my could be my next WINNER!
All of these Prizes are FREE There is NEVER any Purchase Necessary!
Hugs BeCca =)