Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Drew in Denver Colorado

This past July my sons went on a Youth Trip at Estes Park in Denver. They had a blast. It was Drews first time flying on an airplane and of course he loved it. It was really nice for the 2 to be together in over a year. We live in Washington State and Darren had moved back to Georgia so we are about 3000 miles apart. My Drewdy is the good lookin one on the end!

Dark Wing Duck

Darren loved Dark Wing Duck ( it was a cartoon ~ a crime fighting Duck ) so much when he was little I started calling him that and still do. He probably didnt want everybody to know that....hehehehee!

Darren Smiles

This is my oldest son Darren and his friend Brandon at a Youth Trip at Estes Park in Denver CO. Darren is wearing his cap backwards. Its nice to see him smile because he always takes everything so serious.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Firkin Bucket For Cindy

Another Firkin Find for Cindy! Her collection is growing! After she gets a few more we will need to see some pictures of how she displays them. Cindy gets so excited about finding these buckets she cant think about anything else, she cant even hold a conversation unless its about a Firkin! LOLOL!
Way to go Cindy...lets show the world your Firkins as you find them! Youll be so POPULAR!!!

My Sweet Madison

I have to put this Beautiful Little Girls picture up. Not only is she pretty, she sure is a Sweetie Pie!
If I had known she was gonna be this much fun I would have had her first!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Make Your Own Carpet Freshner

1 oz of Fragrance Oil to 3 cups of baking soda, shake every time you walk by for at least a week!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Primitive Path

Yall like lookin at folks house and how they decorate? Check out my friend Lisas house!
They just built a new one and she also just had another beautiful baby girl! She is very busy right now but I know she cant wait to decorate all her new walls. Soon you will see some of my Game Boards in her stairwell! Check out her webshots!!!
http://www.webshots.com Her user name is theprimitivepath


November 2007 Country Sampler Magazine

What a buncha smiles I had when I opened up the new Country Sampler! I recognized many of my ornies right away! One of my long time customers house is featured in this issue. Jennifer has aways had awesome talent in decorating. I hope everyone gets a chance to read her article and visit her webshots

http://www.webshots.com Her username is jenniferbowman72

Hello Everyone!
I wanted yall to know that my friend Tina AKA Old Glory Soldiers has placed her 1st ad in Country Sampler. Her Frosty Snowflake Sign was also used in several other shots through out the magazine.
What makes this so exciting is not everyone has gotten their copy yet and she has already generated sales! Way to go Tina! I am thrilled about your success!
Be sure and visit her at http://www.oldglorysoldiers.com Wholesale Also Available

Cindys New Found Treasure

My friend Cindy AKA The Candle Baker, went on an adventure last week and found this Large Firkin Bucket at an Antique Shoppe.
She saw the price and was so excited and didnt want anyone to know until she could get out of the store with it ! Can you believe ONLY 14.95!!
She had it checked out and it is authentic!
When you have a chance be sure and stop at her website she makes AWESOME EVERYTHING!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


1870 Milk Paint Formula
By Dwayne Siever, Copyright © 2002

What is milk paint?
Before commercially prepared paint was available, paint was made at home based on formulas handed down from generation to generation. Milk paint was made from old curdled milk or cottage cheese, lime and earth pigment for color.
1870 Milk Paint Formula
* 1 Quart skim milk (room temperature)
* 1 Once of hydrated lime by weight (Available at building centers. Do not use quick lime, as it will react with the water and heat up. Hydrated lime has been soaked in water then dried.)
* 1 to 2 1/2 pounds of chalk may also be added as a filler.
Stir in enough skim milk to hydrated lime to make a cream. Add balance of skim milk. Now add sufficient amount of powder pigment to desired color and consistency (Pigment powder must be limeproof). Stir in well for a few minutes before using. For best results continue to stir throughout use.
Apply milk paint with a cheap natural bristle brush. Allow project to dry sufficiently before applying next coat.

Extra paint may be kept for several days in the refrigerator, until the milk sours.
Double or triple the recipe for paint. Allow to dry thoroughly 3-4 hours before use. For extra protection, give paint a coat of oil finish or sealer. Color may change - test in inconspicuous area.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I made my own Business Card

It really turned out very Primitive! I used parchment paper that I grubbied and ran through the printer. I tore out the part I needed and glued it onto a Grubby Hang Tag. I guess its kinda original I havent seen one like it before.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just A Note

Hello Yall! I have been busy working on my website, trying to get everything set up before I hit the busy season. Hopefully I will have it up soon!
School is almost about to start back. They have one more week of FREEDOM...LOL! I cant wait!
AAAHHHH The whole house to myself......I might even throw myself a party!
Until Next Time.........