Monday, May 10, 2010

Starbucks I am MAD at YOU

So disappointed in Starbucks inside Fred Meyers in Port Orchard Washington....the Barista told me she was closing in 3 minutes and my drink took too long to make so she refused me I asked for a comes Mr Young manager who I can see must have a secret crush on barista and tells me she is over worked and short handed...hhhmmmm meanwhile only me and my daughter standing big line of folks waiting on I ask to speak to his manager I just want to know if their policy is to refuse service to patrons whos drinks take a long time to make even though they are not closed or about to close in 3 minutes....he assures me that it is NOT their policy and tells the Barista to make my drinks. She glances at the 1st manager and rolls her eyes. So now Barista is crying black mascara smearing her face and I guess I am supposed to feel bad....NOT..... she turns to me and tells they cant afford to make that big pot of tea and me only buy 2 Venti Black Teas....and I say to her Girl, you cant afford NOT to sell to me. I am still so mad I am going to call them and file a formal complaint. So Starbucks inside Fred Meyers you wont never make another dime off me and I mean that!


  1. My daughter worked for Starbucks while she was in high school and PR is foremost. I would certainly let someone higher up know what happened...maybe you'll get a free latte!


  2. You go girl! These days they ought to be darn happy that folks still frequent their business. Yesterday I went in to the little shop I have my stuff in and even though it wasn't open until 3,I was there at 10:00 am cleaning and fixing up from the weekend, two ladies came in. I told them to look around and that I was cleaning but they were welcome to shop. Twenty minutes later and $72 collected we were both happy. A sale is a sale!!!
    Call Starbucks and let them know. I'll be interested in how they handle this. :>)

  3. I would definately report that to the head guy and let them know that they should valu their customers now with the way the economy is.
    They should turn back the clock to the 1950's when businesses cared about customers Amen

  4. Trust me I have reported this to their main office I am waiting to hear back and I will let yall know what they tell me and 1 Free Latte ain't gonna cut it!
    I also reminded them that I Tweet, Blog and am on Facebook....all this wonderful networking does come in handy don't it =)

  5. First of all....girl after my own heart ordering the Venti Black Teas! Yum! Anyway..are you kidding me??? I've worked in many different customer service positions from high school jobs to my current job. I've always been trained that you are open until such and such time and you take of anyone that walks in up until that time. I can't imagine someone coming into our insurance office and saying, Sorry I can't take you insurance payment because we close in 3 minutes and it takes me too long to get into that companies website! You go girl and complain! And not to mention the ATTITUDE you still got after the top manager told the waitress (sorry i refuse to call them "baristas"....that's a glorified name that you never heard until SB's came around! LOL) to serve you!! you got ME all riled up!! LOL I just hate crappy customer service.

  6. They are so wrong, and I bet they will be in big trouble because Starbucks is all about customer service and show! You did good to stand your ground, and it will show your daughter to stick up for herself.
    The time it takes and not affording a big pot is a dumb excuse that I am sure headquarters doesn't want people knowing.
    Have a better day!

  7. UNBELIEVABLE.............I'm glad you are taking it to the top.....STARBUCKS..........SHAME ON YOU...........