Monday, May 17, 2010


I wonder if they could get any SIMPLER? Anyway here is....

Dear Rebecca:

Thank you for contacting us through our website. I am very sorry that you received the service you did at the Starbucks location in our Port Orchard store. I am forwarding a copy of your comment form to the store, so the director is aware of how this situation continued after he had interceded, and that you have contacted us.
Thank you again for writing to us about this.

Patricia Ann Robb
Consumer Affairs
Reference: 8960637


  1. Omg!!!! They should have sent you a gift card!!! Obviously you were upset enough by the way you were treated that you felt the need to report the incident.I cant believe they did'nt send you a lousy 25.00 gift card,,to rectify things.I myself love ''Starbucks'' but I find no matter which one we stop at they have a snotty attitude.Almost makes you wonder if they were trained that way?? lol!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOH Give them a job pouring coffee and call them'' Barista's'' and they think they are too good to deal with you in a nice friendly Manner.UGH!!

  2. I know this in no way compares but we recently had a problem with Casey's General Store. I wrote an email to the director of all their stores. His response was very vague and amounted to he would contact that store. Nothing afterward....I really expected some satisfaction.
    A friend complained to Culver's about getting a lousy burger. He got a card for free burgers for a year. What is up with that?
    I didn't do it to get free stuff but I did hope to get an apology for being treated so poorly............★Linda

  3. Well BecCa, why am I not surprised? I think they are to big for their britches.......... so vague and cold. I know that there has to be other independant coffee stands around-I would find one and give the little guy all my business!!! Corporate America and I don't get along and whenever possible I will go out of my way to support a little mom and pop business. They should be ashamed of how you were treated.
    Good luck and if I were close by I'd take you for a coffee elsewhere :>)

  4. I think I would be making a special T Shirt with PR for them and it wouldn't be good. I would say something like
    The service at (stores name) stinks worse than ......whatever you want to say,
    You can make your own with iron on and make sure you print something on BOTH sides..I would also let them know I am doing that.
    Most all newspapers have a section to quote whatever you have to say also..they just won't write it unless you give your name and I have done that and even if it didn't help made me feel better.
    And don't forget to walk past that Starbucks with your shirt OFTEN