Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here is an UPDATE on the Poor Customer Service I received at Fred Meyers Starbucks. I got this letter in the mail today and it had a $25.00 Gift Card enclosed.

It was yesterday that I became a fan of Fred Meyers on FB and I told my story on their WALL I also left a comment on their Wall to look for me on TWITTER, so I found them on twitter and started following them there as well and tweeted my story. I later received a phone call from the director of this store. He apologized on behalf of all those involved including their managers. I explained to him how he should use this incident as a "Teaching Tool" and he assured me he already has......and honestly after all that NETWORKING I did I somehow believe him. I have to say he was very nice to me and I figured that was the end of it. I did not ask him for anything I didnt make him feel like he owed me anything so today when I got that in the mail I was really surprised. I am happy it's over and now I can talk about something else...LOL!!!

Thank you for listening and for all the comments!!! Yall are the BEST =)


  1. At least you have gotten their attention, glad to see that they have taken your complaint serious. You are right, this incident will be a great teaching tool, a lessons learned. I admire you for standing up and making them take notice. With all of the social networking now, they better take damage control seriously. Enjoy your $25.oo and have a Hazelnut Cappuccino for me. Huggers!

  2. That's great! It restores my faith somewhat, in corporate america. I also thought that this incident should be used to teach others how NOT to treat customers! I'm glad there was a happy ending to this story and you got their attention. Thanks for standing up for the rest of us!

  3. Its too bad you had to take it to that level to get noticed for something that should have NEVER happened in the first place! You ROCK!

  4. Good for you. The best part of what you did is that you are actually helping others, hopefully they will never have to feel like you did.
    What this world needs is more caring people, and you taught them that!

  5. Sounds like you finally reached the right set of ears to finally hear you!!! Good for you for standing up for yourself and having the company see that your voice was going to be heard one way or another!!

  6. I was telling you Twitter and Facebook is the best way to get a response. Social networking has allowed us to take our complaints and compliments instantly to virtually everyone -- even quicker than the television and radio because people can tweet and facebook while standing in line, waiting at the doctor, at the ballfield, etc ... social newtworking has created new opportunities for us and demanded a new level of customer service from those who think that there is someone else in line to replace us ... because eventually there won't anyone left ... and don't forget on twitter #badcustomerservice ... just put it in any tweet when you are complaining about a company and make sure you @ the company too!

    It is great that they showed you they valued you as a customer ... the gift card and apology were the least they could do, but the counseling let you know they were taking steps from the top down to prevent this treatment of customers in the future because they value their customers; and acknowledge that all of their customers are important. Many companies; big and small, have lost sight of this fact.

  7. You go girl! Glad to hear you got some results!