Monday, February 1, 2010


YEAH!!! Gina Cat Nap Inn Primitives You are a WINNER at FOLK ART FROM THE HARBOR Please come by and claim your prize!
Thank you Everyone for all of your comments! Keep posting them I won't stop having Drawings until EVERYONE is A WINNER! And remember even if you don't paint signs or it's just not your thing ...maybe you know someone who does don't let that stop you from commenting! Hugs BeCca


  1. I'm so glad Gina won. She is the one who gave me the link to your stencils! I love them and can't wait to be able to order some!

  2. That was aweful sweet of Mad Red Hare to mention that..:) okay I will email you my address..Thank you for picking my name..I am I want to go and purchase some more..:)

  3. OK GINA I want to see something when you get this stencil...I have been giving away stencils for over a year and I have YET to see someone make something out of one. I am serious remember I know where you live sorta LOL. Hugs BeCca