Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OH Ebay Here We Go Again

They are famous for raising rates arent they? I know how many sellers they have already ran off...Good Grief they really know how to stick it to us!
A Basic Store which I have right now is $15.95 a month plus I have around 1500 listings which cost 3 cents each and renew every month...then I have about 25 live listings which run 35 cents each...sound so cheap right? Well No after they get the ending fees I sometimes pay ebay 400.00 plus dollars a month and that is with my Good Seller Status 20 % discount.
So what are they up to now? They want to make the Basic Store so expensive that we are forced into the $49.95 a month store...here's how they are doing it.......Basic Store still $15.95 a month but all listings cost 20 cents each making this store with around 1500 listings plus ending fees will cost well over $500.00 a month Please note this is not with 1500 sales only an average amount of sales based on the last 12 months. Ebay does everything in their favor....WOW.... so heres what they want us to do....take the $49.95 a month store and all listings in that store cost 5 cents each.....with everything else off the table thats TRIPLE store cost and 40% more listing fee.....SO..........
I had to increase my 6" x 24" stencil from $5.99 to $7.99 ...TRUST me this not making me rich, had I kept them at $5.99 I might as well pay people to buy them. And if you are an ebay buyer I want you to know you can always shop my website
Folk Art From The Harbor and still find my 6 x 24's for $5.99 each.
Hugs BeCca


  1. Oh My Gosh! That is horrible! I will be surprised if many sellers go for that!!

  2. That's why I refuse to set up a store and don't like to sell on Ebay. It's just not worth it! I like to keep my prices as low as possible, not have to raise them in order to cover costs. It's not fair to my customers.


  3. Ebay really peeves me off !!! Like people aren't hurting with the economy the way it is all ready. I know several people who "sold" (they don't anymore) to help supplement their income from job cuts, hours cut at their normal job, SAHMs trying to help bring in extra etc. anyway by the time you pay their fees and paypals fees ( love how they made that THE only option to pay !)....well you don't really make much at all by the time it's said and done. Grrrrr now reading your post just makes me wanna stear totally clear of Ebay completely.

  4. thats exactly why I stopped selling on ebay 2 years ago, I think etsy really is your bet..
    they should rename there company feebay...

  5. LOL Me and James went to get some lunch and while we were gone ebay called me....LOL James said You are in trouble now they read your blog! hahaha!
    But seriously they really did call me and left me a message about upgrading to the $49.95 a month store...WOW!
    Hugs BeCca

  6. GreedBay.
    I have a love/hate relationship with ebay.

  7. I'm a seller on eBay and AM NOT getting rich. I use the $$ to supplement my being laid-off two years ago. I tried etsy but didn't do well there so I'm back to greed-fee-bay, lol!