Thursday, December 31, 2009


Most of us make them and if we are honest we probably end up back sliding! So this year I have decided instead of listing all of my faults I am going to tackle one that I think hurts me more then any of the others. If I can change this one thing it will make me a much better person.

I am going to work on NOT HOLDING GRUDGES. Now I don't get upset over every little thing that comes along only the things I really care about that actually bother that narrows it down a bit...LOL....I don't want yall think I'm just a big grudge holder because really I have a bad memory and I forget a lot of stuff. I am wishing that by practicing not holding grudges can become habit forming to me. So the first step is going to be forgiveness....first myself because it has to start with me and then others who I think are the reason I harbor bad feelings/grudges.

OK so far so good! I hope everyone who makes their resolutions can stick to them especially me!

Happy New Year! Hugs BeCca

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  1. I'm all over this Becca.. I'm going to take a cue from you and do the same. Lord knows it would do me a lot of good. It's been a year that has been FULL of many grudges. I'm tired of being angry all of the time. This year has GOT to be better!! By the way,, LOVE the new stencils.