Monday, July 28, 2008


I have so many stencils! Over 1000 and I lost count. I paint everyday and most days I dont have time to clean them after each use. Now I know youve heard about cleaning them with Rubbing Alcohol, Simple Green, Goat Milk Soap and Soaking them in Sudsy Water. Well I have tried ALL of these except for the Goat Soap and I just dont have time to stand or sit there and rub paint off of my stencils ESPECIALLY when its built up several coats! So I have come up with a solution! One so easy you are just not going to believe it until you try it!
First it is PERFECT for built up paint or just a few layers the KEY here is your STENCIL has to be DRY .....BONE DRY!
I like to pull out my work table and lay all the "Heavy" stencils down next to one another. Paint side up of course. Then I take a can of EASY OFF OVEN CLEANER in the YELLOW CAN and I spray them and WALK AWAY. Sometimes I am gone for 30 minutes or an hour or even longer. Then I get my water hose out with the spray nozzle attachment you know the one like you have by the kitchen sink. I spray all that paint right off these stencils and they are so Clean they look BRAND NEW!
You can do this in your house if you want to, but remember there are fumes to deal with so open a door or window.
Remember you heard it here first!


  1. Wonderful tip!!! I have 100's of stencils that could use a good cleaning! I am off to buy some oven cleaner! thanks a bunch.

  2. This is a great tip!

    I actually came across your tip on Homestead Stencil CO. site and decided to stop by and see your blog and store...WOW! that's all i can say--you're very creative and have such talent...I love EVERYTHING!
    I enjoyed stoppin by, and will be sure to add you to my "favorite blogs" list...
    I also signed up for your mailing list.