Friday, March 29, 2013

Free Stencil Drawing May 1, 2013

Newly Designed for one Fabulous Facebook Fan / Liker to win ~ 10 x 24 Plus 10" x 15" Betsy Ross Flag .007 mil clear mylar reusable stencil My Drawing will be May 1, 2013 ~ I hope yall like it ♥ as much as I do!! It is also available for purchase at the harbor ~ to be included in this drawing all you have to do is come by and Fan/Like Folk Art From The Harbor on Facebook 


  1. It looks like the normal American Flag. But have his own little design. Good!


    1. It's a Colonial Flag you know 13 stars representing 13 colonies. I would never refer to our flag as normal ~ It is a GRAND FLAG and yes we are overly PROUD =)