Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi Everyone! I wanted to explain how I notify the Winners of my Free Stencil Drawings. I go to their blog and leave a comment under the latest post AND I also make a New Post on my blog naming the winner and adding the picture of the Stencil they won. If they do not have a BLOG I email them at their email address, my folder is set up to save every sent email so I always have a copy.
Most of the time I always hear back from the winner right away , sometimes I know life gets busy and I hear from them about 3 days or so later and then I have some winners who NEVER claim their prize.
So I have decided to give every winner a 7 day window to contact me with their shipping info from the day I annouce the winner.
I thought about having a redraw but decided not to because my drawings are so seasonal and who wants to win a Christmas Stencil after Christmas?
Thanks Yall and thanks for understanding! Hugs BeCca

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  1. I got my stencils yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for your great product and the fantastic shipping. I can't wait to use them. Hopefully I will be designing this weekend.