Monday, October 12, 2009

Sorry Everyone I Have To Vent

This is really bothering me about a Neutral feedback I received on ebay...that ebay has agreed to remove twice and still hasnt and to be honest with you I just dont have time to be on the phone dealing with The STUPIDS not to mention as long as it stays there the whole world can see the Dummy I am dealing with.

Apparently I sold a stencil to an illiterate person named Dummy since I can't use his real name his nickname will be Dummy as it suits him perfectly. In my description the very first line in all CAPS reads THIS IS A STENCIL THIS IS NOT A SIGN PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE then it goes on to Hello and so on....

Obviously if someone was wanting a sign and it clearly states its not a sign they wouldnt have bought it....YA THINK? Well not Dummy ...he paid immediately too. Here is another CLUE that this is NOT a 6" x 24" SIGN......Postage was $2.95 1st Class weighing in at 3 OUNCES ...thats right 3 oz....what kind of a sign weighs 3 oz? Dummy you are such a Dummy!

So anyway back to the story this sale took place back in ya think Dummy had sense to email me? NOPE why would he ...he is Dumb afterall. So I never hear anything until I get this Marvelous feedback that reads and I quote " listing was misleading- this was not a sign, it was a piece of plastic" You are right about the plastic....which by the way Dummy is a STENCIL!
Here is the link to the listing
Better To Remain Silent Abe Lincoln Looka there Dummy you should have taken Old Abes Advice and kept your stupidity to yourself.

Ebay says Feedback is an opinion...what Dummy left was no opinion ...and if I were Dummy I would get some reading lessons and read my ebay user agreement where it clearly states you are not allowed to post FALSE this case this is what DUMMY did.

Now I do think its funny how this DUMMY was so stupid and mad at himself he had to take it out on my me he is a sad Dummy that can't admit he was wrong. I hope Dummy comes by and gets someone to read this to him because we all know the obvious.

And now I feel much better. Hugs BeCca


  1. So Sorry about the DUMMY!! Unfortunately the world is filled with them!! Glad you got to vent :)

  2. You go girl..........!!!! Unbelievable some people......... ummm(Dummies)!!!!! Just think about GOBBLERS instead of DUMMIES!!!!! That should make ya smile today!!! LOL!

  3. You are justified in your frustration! Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, a bad opinion that can jeopardize a Sellers reputation should NOT be accepted by Ebay when the opinion given by the Buyer is based on the Buyers own stupidity. You clearly stated the item was not a sign, but a stencil. Maybe this Buyer is married to the Shelf Sitter thief?! It is unfortunate that there are too many who refuse to take accountability for their actions. However, all the positive feedback you have rec'd reflects that you are a most reputable Seller....which is why I recently placed a purchase with you. ~.~

  4. Post a reply to the feedback stating the title reads stencil not a sign. People who purchase on ebay know there are those "stupid" people out there.

  5. LOL Sorry , cant help myself . Here's your sign ! LOL ROTF ! That is the feedback I would give . Go back to school learn to READ .


    Could send him this .